Friday, December 19, 2014

mad about plaid

IMG_5808 IMG_5798IMG_5813 IMG_5831 IMG_5835 IMG_5837 IMG_5846 IMG_5847 IMG_5851 IMG_5852

If plaid were part of the rainbow, it would be my favorite color. As a little kid, I had a plaid skirt that I wore

every. single. day.

(I kid you not)

I don't actually remember what I did when it was time for laundry. 

Flash forward ten or so years, and you still have the same plaid-loving, little girl. I say little because yesterday I was estimated to be approximately fourteen years old and "way too young to date my teenage son." My twentieth birthday is in less than a month. It's fine. Hopefully this still stays true when I'm thirty...

This shirt became my favorite from the moment I ripped open the package it came in. Flannel is my staple for lazy weekends (and all the other days in between). It's dressed up just a little bit with dark wash jeans, ankle boots, and an emerald crossbody.

I hope you're having the loveliest of Christmases and drinking lots and lots of eggnog.

Have a wonderful Friday!



crossbody// ankle boots (sold out), similar here & here // flannel (similar)// jeggings

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

chic of the week

December 6th was a happy day for me. Actually, happy is a bit of an understatement. This is why...

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.55.10 AM

LC managed to make my day (and also week and month) with this article. I'm a HUGE fan of her blog, and it's just great to be a tiny little part of it.

"it’s no secret that the crop top is currently up there on the list of the biggest trends… right next to the cool girl bob haircut and stacked jewels, that is. Today’s Chic of the Week is flaunting her favorite trends in a classic color combination we love. We hope you admire the boldness of her simple yet perfectly pieced together outfit as much as we do…Not only are we totally in love with Maddie’s crop top (for obvious reasons!), but we are also into the pop of red in her manicure that completes her black and white ensemble. Be sure to check out Maddie’s blog, Bits and Little Pieces, for more of her personal style and life musings. This week we celebrate the style of our latest Chic, Maddie!..."

Be sure to check out Lauren's site for a finals week break and the whole article!

Here's some things I'm finding chic this week.

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flannels: my go to outfit for lazy weekends (and all the other days in between)

glasses: I used to hate watching HD TV, but then I learned that real life looks that clear (stay tuned for more!...hint hint Maddie might have four eyes)

Taylor Swift: because if you didn't love her already, 1989 turned that around. Happy birthday to the queen of fun style, music, and just about everything else. Taylor, can we pleaseeee be friends?

zipper detail: some call it edgy. I call it a fun thing to fiddle with (my favorite is from Cotton On)

ankle boots: I finally caved and bought a pair (see mine from Gap)

free people: I like to go on their website and fill up my cart (and then sadly delete it all as I watch the prices climb)

jewels: because the holidays can never have too much sparkle

Check out my pinterest for more life therapy (and gift ideas). Only 8 more days till the most wonderful time of the year!



Wednesday, December 3, 2014


After a (much too long) break, I'm excited to share something really great with you. Let's start from the beginning.

One day, a New Jersey had a grand idea and the beautiful, charitable, and inspirational Little Words bracelet was born. Each bracelet comes with a unique word and lots of sparkly breads. Here's the catch: you don't keep the bracelet. Find a girl that needs a little more inspiration than you do, pass it on, and track it as it moves from wrist to wrist. Every month, part of the profits go to local charities, so you don't even have to feel bad about a little more online shopping.

I found these beauties on instagram one day, and just love having the real thing. My favorite word and every day inspiration is literally at my fingertips.

If you haven't guessed already, it's happy.

I like to think of happy as a choice instead of a feeling. The difference between a happy person and a sad one isn't luck or circumstance or even really good (or bad) Chipotle. If you have the power to pick, why not choose joy?



Wearing this makes me happy too. It somehow combines all the coziest things in my closet into one outfit (pretty great,huh?). Fur and fleece vests have been a huge thing lately, and this one somehow combines the two. The warmest, fuzziest blanket you can imagine made wearable- talk about a dream come true. Also, I love any opportunity to show a part of my fox sock collection. Have a happy happy Wednesday (I sure plan to)!
Here's a little video my friend Addie and I had the pleasure of making for our sorority, Phi Mu at CNU! I hope it makes you as happy as it makes me.



vans//vest (similar: original is sold out)//jeans//shirt (comfort colors)//fox socks//bracelet

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

holy chic

Holy chic it's been a week.

Thousands of bright blue glow sticks on the great lawn, the sweetest lunch ladies in the business, old friends, new friends, and friends I haven't made yet: it's good to be back at CNU.

In all the craziness that has defined August 23rd to today, I've loved every minute of it. Crazy is good and the polar opposite of boring (which is probably the worst thing in the whole entire world).

There is one kinda-boring thing that I do happen to like...

white t-shirts.

Don't ask why, but I have a little obsession with them. Maybe my "redhead trying to be tan" predicament has something to do with this. Long sleeved, short sleeved, cropped, you name it (I've also got stained). But there ARE some ways to make white t-shirts more exciting, besides spilling food on them. My favorite method is done on this cute little crop top. Props to you, American Eagle.

Here's to all-you-can-eat dining hall cereal, running to the beach almost every afternoon, being surrounded by my best friends, and another crazy (wonderful) week.



top, sold out (similar here)// skirt// sandals// watch, vintage

P.S. On the topic of boring and not boring, I finally did the ice bucket challenge (but not actually voluntarily). Since getting freezing water dumped on your head isn't exhilarating enough, I had it done by surprise. My friends are so nice to me...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

shake it off

If you told me that you do not like Taylor Swift's new song, I wouldn't believe you. I've probably watched the video (which is the cutest little thing in the world) about seventeen times today. That's not weird at all, right?

It just makes me so HAPPY! Taylor, you're great.

It also gives me faith that being completely silly on the dance floor is okay (because that's what I do anyways).

This week, I lived out the whole whole "Shake it Off" thing by shaking off half of my stuff. Now there is room for more important things in my life. I feel so freeeeee (emphasis on the extra e's). I'm telling you friends, I've started a new thing. I name it unshopping.

Also, I just really love Taylor, and this gives me the excuse to gush about her for two seconds of your time. I'll be quick, I promise...she's so fun and silly but serious and talented all at the same time. I think you call that perfect. Can you even begin to imagine how much fun hanging out with her would be?

And you know what would be even more magical that a day spent with Tay? A day spent with Tay in this dress.

Swishy skirts without the slippy straps: this is the world's greatest dancing dress. Trust me, I just tested it out. In my little (or big) episode of the previously-mentioned unshopping, I found these perfect shoes that ALSO happen to be almost exact replicas of Taylor's in the video. What a happy day.

Cause the while the heartbreakers are breaking and the haters are hating, I'm just gonna have a great day in this dress (of course made better by watching this a few dozen more times).




dress (old), similar here and here// shoes, similar here// vintage earrings

Friday, August 15, 2014


When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think is "I can't wait to do my hair".

JUST KIDDING (that is probably the biggest lie I have ever told). Goldilocks and I have more than just the whole hair thing in common, we also like our sleep.

If you haven't already noticed the obvious, I have plenty of hair. Honestly, it's probably enough for three people. I do not, however, have extra time or extra hands to manage it all.

Which is why, most of the time, I don't.


Sometimes, you just have to embrace it. Beauty, my friends, is not perfection, and we all know that a messy bed head means you just had a wonderful nights rest.

But because not every day is appropriate for that just-rolled-out-of bed look, sometimes I need a little help. Here are some of my tricks for (attempting) to tame the mane.

1. Would you believe me if I told you that I only use one product? (this is actually a truth) The only thing that touches my tresses, beside the obvious shampoo and occasional dose of hairspray, is coconut oil. Let me tell, you it is absolute MAGIC. Coconut oil has the ability to lock in moisture without the use of petroleum-based ingredients and other chemicals like other products. It also protects from sun, chlorine, and lots of other wonderful summer things that tend to ruin our hair. My favorite it is Nutivia. Want to know an extra little bonus? It also tastes yummy! Just rub it into your ends to heal split ends and add crazy shine. Check out this article from Fashionista for a ton of other beauty uses!

2. Most mornings, I'll use a flatiron for five minutes and call it a day. If I'm feeling really fancy, I'll spend some precious sleep on this (super) easy style. When I tell my friends about these 5 minute curls, they don't believe me. Here's the tutorial.


But now it's back to my hair hero, Goldilocks: the girl that found her perfect night's sleep AND had fabulous hair. This week, I started reading a super cool blog about my favorite activity, sleeping. Casper's site and blog tell you all about an up and coming company in New York that is absolutely full of Goldilocks-approved beds. When I'm all grown up one day, I'm definitely purchasing one for a lifetime full of fairy tale worthy nights.

I hope these little tips help you tame your mane, but remember that sometimes messy is wonderful.