Wednesday, August 20, 2014

shake it off

If you told me that you do not like Taylor Swift's new song, I wouldn't believe you. I've probably watched the video (which is the cutest little thing in the world) about seventeen times today. That's not weird at all, right?

It just makes me so HAPPY! Taylor, you're great.

It also gives me faith that being completely silly on the dance floor is okay (because that's what I do anyways).

This week, I lived out the whole whole "Shake it Off" thing by shaking off half of my stuff. Now there is room for more important things in my life. I feel so freeeeee (emphasis on the extra e's). I'm telling you friends, I've started a new thing. I name it unshopping.

Also, I just really love Taylor, and this gives me the excuse to gush about her for two seconds of your time. I'll be quick, I promise...she's so fun and silly but serious and talented all at the same time. I think you call that perfect. Can you even begin to imagine how much fun hanging out with her would be?

And you know what would be even more magical that a day spent with Tay? A day spent with Tay in this dress.

Swishy skirts without the slippy straps: this is the world's greatest dancing dress. Trust me, I just tested it out. In my little (or big) episode of the previously-mentioned unshopping, I found these perfect shoes that ALSO happen to be almost exact replicas of Taylor's in the video. What a happy day.

Cause the while the heartbreakers are breaking and the haters are hating, I'm just gonna have a great day in this dress (of course made better by watching this a few dozen more times).




dress (old), similar here and here// shoes, similar here// vintage earrings

Friday, August 15, 2014


When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think is "I can't wait to do my hair".

JUST KIDDING (that is probably the biggest lie I have ever told). Goldilocks and I have more than just the whole hair thing in common, we also like our sleep.

If you haven't already noticed the obvious, I have plenty of hair. Honestly, it's probably enough for three people. I do not, however, have extra time or extra hands to manage it all.

Which is why, most of the time, I don't.


Sometimes, you just have to embrace it. Beauty, my friends, is not perfection, and we all know that a messy bed head means you just had a wonderful nights rest.

But because not every day is appropriate for that just-rolled-out-of bed look, sometimes I need a little help. Here are some of my tricks for (attempting) to tame the mane.

1. Would you believe me if I told you that I only use one product? (this is actually a truth) The only thing that touches my tresses, beside the obvious shampoo and occasional dose of hairspray, is coconut oil. Let me tell, you it is absolute MAGIC. Coconut oil has the ability to lock in moisture without the use of petroleum-based ingredients and other chemicals like other products. It also protects from sun, chlorine, and lots of other wonderful summer things that tend to ruin our hair. My favorite it is Nutivia. Want to know an extra little bonus? It also tastes yummy! Just rub it into your ends to heal split ends and add crazy shine. Check out this article from Fashionista for a ton of other beauty uses!

2. Most mornings, I'll use a flatiron for five minutes and call it a day. If I'm feeling really fancy, I'll spend some precious sleep on this (super) easy style. When I tell my friends about these 5 minute curls, they don't believe me. Here's the tutorial.


But now it's back to my hair hero, Goldilocks: the girl that found her perfect night's sleep AND had fabulous hair. This week, I started reading a super cool blog about my favorite activity, sleeping. Casper's site and blog tell you all about an up and coming company in New York that is absolutely full of Goldilocks-approved beds. When I'm all grown up one day, I'm definitely purchasing one for a lifetime full of fairy tale worthy nights.

I hope these little tips help you tame your mane, but remember that sometimes messy is wonderful.



Monday, August 11, 2014

red, white, & true

 I like to say that I was born patriotic: red hair, white skin, blue eyes. It comes in handy on the 4th of July.

(Unless, of course, that wonderful summer sun turns it to red, red and blue)


On those days that I need an extra dash of American spirit, I reach for an iconic staple: tried and true Levi's.



This pair is as vintage as it gets, a random thrift store find made new with a pair of scissors.

And hey, cutting them up was kinda fun.

Also, I had a very happy moment on Thursday: finding this cute little shirt! I've been looking for something like this for ages.

Once, I saw a lady wearing a similar one and excitedly asked her where she got it (because hey, a shopping tip always comes in handy).

She said Mexico. I decided that was a little too far.

 These Vans are also some of my favorites. I wear them with everything from dresses to jeans to shorts, and sometimes even bathing suits.

They go with the whole America theme very nicely if you ask me.

All these pretty details make this shirt that much better. I got it in a size too big, and I just love the roomy feel.
IMG_4585 On a more serious note, I don't understand why redheads are going extinct when they coordinate so nicely with our flag.

Have a happy Monday!



Old Navy top (sold out online, in stores only)// Vintage Levi's shorts (see tutorial here)// Van's sneakers

Monday, August 4, 2014

things I like

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
 {some recent finds that i just can't get enough of}

journal, Urban Outfitters// Now I have the perfect place to write all my secrets

sunnies case, Madewell (see it on their blog here!)// This case is a STEAL. Don't you just love when you need something and find it at such a happy price?

sunnies, Target// These are the best sunglasses I have ever owned. Enough said

rose mirror (similar)// A wonderful upgrade from the classic iphone selfie camera

baby hot sauce// Because you never know when ya might need a dash of Tabasco. Quick little tip, but sometimes sneaking into a dinner early and making friends with the catering team can come in handy.

Sometimes Mondays aren't so sunny, but I hope these deals spice it up a little bit. If not, you can always try Tabasco.



Friday, August 1, 2014

stripe happy

This week I floated down a river, hiked up a mountain, and just plain walked around in DC (where I sort of went sideways).

Unless you count the escalator of course.



Ask me how many blue striped dresses I have in my closet and I'll laugh. Actually, you might laugh too.

So let's pretend that you asked and I answered.

"A lot"


I like to call this little phenomenon stripe happy.

Basically, I just like stripes and blue and dresses.

(if you didn't get that already)


You know that horrible feeling when you go shopping and fall in love with everything you try on? Well that happened with this little number. I put her back on the rack with a very heavy hand.

But wait, there IS a happy ending.


Because I don't shop at American Eagle enough (my broke college kid friendly anthro), I went on a little detour while out and about last week.

She was on sale and this time I couldn't resist.

Say hello to the 6th (or maybe 7th) blue striped dress in Maddie's closet.


Nautical, classic, and comfy don't get any cuter than this.


(adding red lipstick never hurts either)IMG_4346 IMG_4351

I've already gotten two uses out of this dress, once at my internship, and the other at the movies.

It was perfect for both.

And because too much of a good thing is never enough, here are more darling dresses from some of my favorite bloggers.

They're all blue and white striped of course.

Kate here and here //Rachel here and here //Sadie here //Steffy here //AE blog here//

oh and also me


So now you know one of my greatest weaknesses. Just don't get me started on plain blue dresses...

Have a wonderful Friday!

love love love,


dress// wedges (similar)// necklace, old (similar)// lipstick// bag