Wednesday, June 10, 2015

fun pants

Watermelon is typically pink. Cheetahs supposedly run fast. July out to be a scorcher.

Clothes should be comfortable. (At least that's my philosophy). In the comfort department, these "fun pants" sure do the job. I've already worn them far too many times since buying them...last Thursday.

Here's a little tip: if you're stuck in a train station for the afternoon and don't want to spend money, don't go shopping. Obviously, my own advice was not taken.

After completely ignoring the part of my brain with good sense (and, you guessed it, walked inside H&M), I made a cute little overall clad friend on the train terminal bench. Forty-four hours later, he had arrived in Virginia all the way from Kansas, just to watch his grandson graduate. I was impressed, so I asked him why he didn't just fly instead. He told me that you can't actually see anything on planes. I concluded that he had never been on one, and pulling out my phone to show him a video I had taken while flying above the clouds, we both took in the view. The  plane was teeny tiny and I was on the wing with my nose pressed against the glass. The sun was peeking through. It was beautiful.

The conductor called his city and he said goodbye and walked away. I never got his name.

Some things you have to make sacrifices for. For example, I don't ever expect to find a pair of heels suitable for walking 10 miles in.

With fun pants, you won't make a single one.

shorts (H&M)// top (old, see similar here & here)// sandals (American Eagle)// sunnies (sold out, similar style here