Monday, September 26, 2016

child's play

Pure, unassuming innocence: there is something truly mind-altering about spending time with children. 

I stepped outside one afternoon, only to be met with bright eyes and happy chatter over the fact that I was holding a camera. A parade of a dozen happy friends, we flitted about the streets of Marrakech, dodging donkeys and motorcycles and men selling anything and everything you could possibly imagine. 

Never, in all my travels, have I felt such joy. 

They spoke to me, but not in words that I could understand. Every so often, a stranger would stop us, asking if he could translate. I did not mind, I was happy to simply be in the presence of these children. 

Whether the world admits it or not, there is a divide, a fundamental misunderstanding between American non-muslims and the muslim population of the world. There is too much hate. There is too much turmoil and violence. Could this hurt be driven by simple misconceptions?

I think so. 

These children are like any other children. They are like our children. As a planet, we must choose love. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

summer harvest

life sustaining
there's something magical about getting your food straight from the earth
about brushing off rich soil
with your fingertips
and revealing vibrant color

about working to eat
end eating to live

powered by plants
try it sometime